About the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer

Errol Wint is an accomplished strategic designer and a lifelong student of leadership development. After 15 years of collaborating around higher education and community-based project efforts, Errol made the decision to bring the culture of the future to spaces ready to embrace the reality of perpetual change. Combining his training at the University of Michigan, University of Louisville, and Indiana University, Errol would go on to parlay his immersion experience as an employee at the U of M's Career Center (one of the top in the country), into his first enrollment strategy leadership position. This would later evolve into a yearlong revolutionary consulting opportunity, in which he lead a cross functional team to guide almost 150 faculty and staff during the pandemic.  Errol is inspired to bring his core lessons on empowered and collaborative leadership, as well as design planning to organizations desirous of alternative approaches to innovative planning, in these times of constant and persistent change.


Wint brings to his practice a variety of training experience and transferrable skills to inform his coaching practice, including:

• Masters in Higher Education from the University of Michigan, which included a semester long, graduate level training under renowned Michigan President Emeritus Dr. James Duderstadt and renowned student development scholar Dr. Patricia King.

• Successful completion of 6 graduate-level credit hours through the Design and Innovative Thinking program under Professor Yongbok Hong through the IUPUI Herron School of Art and Design.

• Higher education strategy expertise through the College Board, as a graduate of their Enrollment Leadership Academy: a 9-month training experience for a grouping of strategic enrollment management and financial aid experts seeking.

• Completion of a required week-long training through Gallup to become a certified Strengths Based Coach

• Diversity competency development thorough undergraduate degrees in Spanish and Pan African Studies and 5 month study abroad, bringing fluency in Spanish and a cultural background that includes multiple identity groups.

• Successful completion of the University of Michigan’s “Growing Allies” Training Institute”, which seeks to position leaders to engage in effective inter-group dialogue facilitation that develops self-aware allies committed to establishing an holistically just and inclusive environment through their day to day practice.

• National presentations and publications focused on design planning, enrollment management and strategic planning.

•Community based leadership including founding a community service-based student organization, nonprofit board leadership appointment, long-term service commitments and more