Transition Planning 
What We Do...

"We facilitate self empowerment and self discovery through transition and change. We start with where you are today, to help you navigate where you want to be in the future , thus producing your highest design for success. You are the principal designer, and we're here to position you as an empowered leader in this journey towards outputting an innovative solution."

Errol Wint
Mara Bridge Consulting Solutions
Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer

We offer a pandemic sensitive approach to professional and personal transformation, with a structured and consistent intentionality towards behavioral transformation.

By centering the totality of the human experience in each unique engagement point with you, we equip leaders with greater focus in identifying their desired career and leadership empowerment outcomes. We unearth solutions to relevant pain points, design implementation pathways towards relevant goals and provide ongoing check points to ensure your efforts lead to results .

Through a collaborative leadership model that promotes self empowerment and self discovery, we place you in the drivers seat as the “Chief Designer” of your pathway towards success.

  A Company that Leans into Empowerment above Development

Leadership Empowerment

Leveraging Gallup's Strengthsfinder model, we shift your focus to what makes you feel strong. Period. The transition from development to empowerment then occurs through the unique contextualization of social identity groups (i.e. .  Understanding your strengths within the group you are aware of (and unaware) give you access to an innate power and potential in the direction of your priorities.

Career Empowerment

Integrating the University of Michigan Career Center's iPlan model, we explore the intersection between skills, interests and values to bring clarity around a purpose-driven story. Through said purpose, we help to name and claim your community, and ultimately aim your presentation to produce result. 

           "Changing the way you think, act and behave"

MBC Solutions'
Design Planning Framework

 MBSC leverages the proven ASO Design Planning Framework. ASO stands for  Analyze/Strategize/Operationalize, and  integrates the values of design thinking and essentialism to ensure the highest output of innovation is achieved.

1. Collect data and narrative to refine your core problem statement

2. Analyze the problem

3. Strategize emergent themes

4. Operationalize your defined priority routines

5. Establish routines to embrace change through ongoing intervention points

Market Strategy

"Fixing weaknesses prevents failures; building strengths leads to excellence"
~Gallup Strengths Finder

"We take our clients from predicting what they should be doing, towards designing what will solve their current and future problems"
~Errol Wint