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"We take a designer's approach to transition planning, centering you and your stakeholders in the journey of unlocking your innovation source."

Errol Wint
Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer
Mara Bridge Consulting Solutions LLC


Our Vision

Our vision is to confidently shepherd individuals and institutions of education through an organizational leadership revolution in a manner that empowers our clients to design the pathway that leads to high impact outcomes.

Coaching Model

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100% free exploratory conversation for us to process where you are, and where you would like to go.

The Exploratory Conversation is an opportunity process the topic of your choosing, and define the problem you are trying to solve within this particular domain. And we do this together, in a safe, private judgement-free zone. We will spend time exploring & processing  questions like:

What are the gifts and natural assets that come effortless to you to support your ability to solve this problem?

What structures do you currently have in place, or would like to have in place to support your vision for success? 

What does your business forecasting sense tell you about the direction of the problem domain your have identified?

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